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Our basic premise
We believe that by knowing each other and working together, we can ensure that everyone in our neighborhood stays connected and that this remains a place where we enjoy living.

How it happens
We believe that if you know about city and social issues that may impact you, you can speak up when necessary, lend a hand in a small or large way, and together we can be a group with some clout that can get things done.

What it involves
Primarily signing up to stay informed on what’s happening in the neighborhood. We do this typically by email, since we know that few people have time for more meetings in their busy lives. When issues arise that spark your attention, we welcome your involvement—which may mean sending a note to the Mayor to say you don’t want our police budget cut, or possibly attending a meeting to discuss speeding resolution options on a street near you.

Who’s included
We're a loosely connected group, with no elected officers or political affiliations. Anyone can join—in fact, we’d love to have everyone in the neighborhood signed up. We’ve mapped out the neighborhood to include the area within the following borders: East on Marin from Tulare to The Alameda/MLK. South on the Alameda/MLK to Rose, West on Rose to Sacramento, North on Sacramento, then along the Monterey/Berkeley border back to Marin.

Who's behind this
The idea to start MOHONA came about 4 years ago. Many neighbors in the Beverly/Colusa area worked together to send out the first flyers, organize and attend some early meetings and, ultimately, build this website. Even children were involved in distributing the sign-up flyers. Thank you to all of you who participated in this early effort. Many individual projects started and continued, like organizing blocks, preparing for disaster, holding creek meetings, having block parties, etc. We hope that all of you will come together again, keep in touch, and work together as a larger neighborhood. We will have more clout that way.

If you've got thoughts or want to get involved, please drop us a line: