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Parks & Creeks

A Beautiful Park, Created by Neighbors
The Sonoma / Hopkins /Josephine (SoHoJo)Triangle project was initiated by neighbors along Sonoma Avenue in early 1999 to provide some measure of traffic control and pedestrian safety at the intersection of Sonoma, Hopkins, and Josephine Streets. 

west view-done east view- done
Looking West: Sonoma-Hopkins-Josephine Triangle Park
Looking East: Sonoma-Hopkins-Josephine Triangle Park

Funds were generated from a Parks Mini-Grant, private contributions from individuals, and a Council allocation for community sponsored capital projects.  Read more about the process of making this park happen and see photos of the progress along with a summary of the design intent formulated by the landscape architect and check out the plant list.  

Creeks Projects Need Your Help
A group of neighbors along Codornices Creek on Sonoma and Beverly have been working together to improve this stretch of Codornices Creek. The Urban Creeks Council (UCC) assisted us with work on bank stabilization and revegetation of this section of the creek. If you'd like to volunteer to help, please email:

Our efforts complement the current work being done on the Codornices Creek Watershed Restoration Action Plan (CCWRAP).

This project seeks to implement recommendations of the 2004 CCWRAP Plan in order to improve habitat and migration for threatened steelhead/rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in Codornices Creek. Ongoing monitoring of the existing fish population, habitat, and water quality through electrofishing surveys, spawning surveys, outmigrant trapping, pebble counts, residual pool depth, macrobenthic invertebrate surveys, and weekly water quality testing, will allow further understanding of the existing characteristics. This project also is helping creekside property owners create "fish-friendly" yards.

Currently designs are being developed to allow migration above the Albina Avenue Bridge Crossing (the current upstream limiting barrier) and minimize erosion in the adjacent area (the largest erosion site within the system which is impacting downstream spawning gravel). Implementation is slated for Summer 2006. For more information, check the Urban Creeks Council web site.

Funded by CALFED Watershed Program; CA State Water Resources Control Board.