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SoHoJo Triangle Plant List
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The majority of plants started as divisions from residential gardens in the community. Bonnie Ng, project volunteer with experience in public openspace design, sought out the plants and owners; and propagated and planted the divisions. They all withstand frost and drought. Most important, they are beautiful nearly year round.

Although the SoHoJo Triangle functions as a traffic island for pedestrian safety, it has been parlayed into a provocative small public garden. Five low, rounded rocks quietly emerge from flat ground of golden crushed stone. Open and uncluttered, the viewer is at once refreshed by the openness. It invites one to imagine.

The dry garden plantings are selected for restrained colors and textures to set off the stones.  They integrate rather than overpower the site. The plant composition is engaging and evocative without being showy. The garden succeeds as a special welcoming and dramatic front yard to the neighborhood.

Plant List by Color

Glaucous (Blue-Gray) to Light Green Plants
Agave attenuata ‘Nova’  Smooth, elliptical leaves make 2-3’ rosettes; sculptural    Choice focus plants
Agave brevifolia Light green-gray, toothed rosette leaves; salmon flowers  
Agave parryi var truncata Artichoke shaped; spined    Choice focus plant & deters running through planted areas
Aloe striata Coral salmon flowers; spined    Seasonal sculptures
Aloe striata hybrid Coral salmon flowers; pinkish leaves    Seasonal sculptures
Echeveria imbricata Flat rosettes; chalky bluish
Festuca ovina glauca Tufty, gray-green
Lavendula angustifolia Lavender & fragrant
Senecio mandraliscae Trailing blue-gray iceplant type leaves to 12”
Pinkish/Blue, Bronzy Plants
Aeonium ’Zwartkop’  Bronze-deep maroon rosettes on stems    Choice accent
Echeveria agavoides Fleshy dense gray-green rosettes, reddish margins;  glisteny 
Echeveria ‘Moonglow’ Pink, opalescent rosettes    Choice accent
Echium wildpretii 6’ towers of rose/salmon flowers from low tuft of narrow silvery leaves     Choice spring element; tallest
Graptoveria Pink, mauve to amber rosettes    Most beautiful survivor
Sempervivum spp Bronze-red-green groundcover 
Libertia perigrinans Orange-bronze grass-like, 12”    Iris related