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We’ve always been passionate about curbing crime in our neighborhood. If you are hit by a crime, even on a small scale, please report it to the police department (and ask for a report #) so that your block can be on their radar screens for patrols and the event will be included in the city statistics. We straddle two police beats: #18 covers us south of Hopkins, #13 covers us from Hopkins to Marin.

We’ve got a Police Area Coordinator, whose role is to work with the neighborhoods to ensure they're getting what they need from the Berkeley PD and other City of Berkeley departments. You can reach him at:

John Nutterfield #15
Area 1 Coordinator
Berkeley Police Department
2100 Martin Luther King Way
Berkeley, Ca. 94704-1109
(510) 981-5806
Monday-Thursday 0800-1800 hrs.

Here are some resources to help you fight crime in your neighborhood:

Crime Statistics: The police have a new crime map capability: Community Crime View. It’s a pretty graphic picture, but doesn't help too much from a summary of crime perspective to help us know how our particular blocks are faring over time. To check it out, click Community Crime View in the upper right corner of the Berkeley Police Department home page. While you're there, check out some of their other crime-stopping tips.

Megan’s Law: It’s always good to know if there are people of concern living in your area. The statewide Megan's Law database is a really easy way to find out whether you are living near registered sex offenders.

Neighborhood Watch: This is a great way to organize your block and look out for your neighbors. The police department's Community Services Bureau, (510) 981-5808 or will send you a startup packet for organizing as a Neighborhood Watch group. The dues are $15 per group per year. If you hold two official meetings (that is, meetings at which a beat officer or other city official is present), your block will get a free dumpster one weekend a year plus a first aid kit and fire extinguisher.

Graffiti Abatement: Hey-Rudy Giuliani cleaned up crime in NYC, in part, by having zero tolerance for graffiti. Let’s see if we can do the same. Lots of info here on the Berkeley Clean City Program, which reaches beyond just graffiti to illegal dumping and storm drain maintenance.