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Historic Preservation

City officials, including the Mayor, Planning Commission and, probably, the City Council, are actively working to change the Landmarks Preservation Ordinance which would eliminate some neighborhood protections that it contains.

In the ’60s and ’70s, Berkeley lost many homes to apartment buildings, BART stations, and parking lots — often with little consideration to the impact on the immediate surrounding neighborhoods. Attempting to keep this from continuing, neighborhoods and individuals got together and ultimately passed the Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance (NPO) and the Landmarks Preservation Ordinance (LPO). Since then, these ordinances have helped restrain the frequently uncontrolled development of earlier years.

Which architectural look do you prefer for Berkeley? This one...

or this one?

Read more about the current discourse regarding the NPO/LPO. If you want to help keep Berkeley's architectural heritage intact, please call the LPO Initiative Team with any questions at: 287-5508, or check their web site: